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Behold, the outcome of Sculptober 2022

Speed-learning some 3D modeling in Blender

· Blender 3D

"Sculptober" is a month-long prompt-based 3D modeling challenge that takes place every October. In 2022, I made 31 Blender renders in response to prompts. Some days I had hours, other days I had minutes.


Here are the results*:

*Compressed for bandwidth friendliness.

Day 1: Boss

broken image

Had to go Super Mario 64 on this one.

Day 2: Lunar

broken image

This one was fun - I used accurate moon textures from NASA.

Day 3: Rest

broken image

Same energy.

Day 4: Illusion

A proto-attempt at animation! Watch on YouTube.

Day 5: Porthole

broken image

Something something wooden spaceship. A rushed day.

Day 6: Lost

broken image

Fun with shiny reflecty things.

Day 7: Chunky

broken image

It was a butternut squash soup kind of day, Day 7.

Day 8: Spy

broken image

Okay, I can't find the *actual* sculpt I did on Day 8, but here's a thematic other render.

Day 9: Blend

broken image

Brave Little Toaster, anyone?

Day 10: Ethereal

broken image

Went a little Nodevember on this one.

Day 11: Dance

broken image

This might be the greatest thing I've ever modeled.

Day 12: Glow

broken image

It's not *really* cheating, I *did* make it glow.

Day 13: Shy

broken image

Miyazaki meets the Mushroom Kingdom.

Day 14: Grave

broken image

Neglected the tumbleweed. Would'er made all the diff'rence.

Day 15: Cosmos

broken image

Used the Hubble Deep Field image for the interior projection.

Day 16: Grip

broken image

The initial thought was "bats grip stuff", and the resultant creation was "porcelain figurine of Batty from Fern Gully".
The muse works in mysterious ways.

Day 17: Charm

broken image

Going for a charm bracelet thing, but didn't really have much time.

Day 18: Cozy

broken image

Is it even Sculptober if you don't bake a donut?

Day 19: Haunt

broken image


Day 20: Discovery

broken image

"We sailed away on a winter's day / with fates as malleable as clay"
- Joanna Newsom, "Bridges and Balloons"

Day 21: Soft

broken image

Playing around with soft jello caustics.

Day 22: Gate

broken image

A little more Nodevembery.

Day 23: Drink

broken image

Listen, water physics are... yeah.

Day 24: Mask

Watch the animation on YouTube!

broken image

Okay, *this* might be the greatest thing I've ever modeled. Watch the animation!

Day 25: Creep

broken image

Featuring Pennywise the Persian cat.

Day 26: Spirit

broken image

Of the libation variety.

Day 27: Magic

broken image

I was going for some kind of magical floppy puffball creature - there's an animation over here on YouTube.

Day 28: Leap

broken image

*tugs shirt collar* Looks, I didn't have a lot of time on Day 28.

Day 29: Hero

broken image

I might've been running out of steam by this point.

Day 30: Pretend

broken image

Yaaaay, BMO!

Day 31: Harvest

broken image

Kind of phoned it in on Day 31 😅  

Phew. 31 done!

Not ever day was a stellar result — it's tough spending a straight month making Blender renders after work! But I'm really glad I did it, forced me to work on some foundations and explore different techniques.

Definitely leveled up my skills over that month. Recently made this Funko Pop figurine of the lead singer of one my favorite contemporary bands:

broken image

The fabulous Ela Melo of Rainbow Kitten Surprise.


What should I make next?