• That prosey, scripty, creative fiction goodness.

      These are the droids. You know, the one's you're looking... yeah.


      My favorite genre when writing traditional paper-based fiction. You'll find Stephen King, Joe Hill, Richard Matheson, Gillian Flynn, and Chuck Palahniuk among my chief inspirations.


      William Gibson. Iain Banks. Neil Gaiman. China Miéville. Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot). Haruki Murakami. Just a few of my influences in this category, which is a close second favorite.

      Personal Essays

      If you have yourself a subscription to Room magazine, you'll find one such essay of mine in print. Taking inspirations from the likes of Cheryl Strayed, Janet Fitch, Sylvia Plath, Augusten Burroughs, and David Sedaris, I write about the dark comedy of real life.


      McSweeney's Internet Tendency has been kind enough to publish some of my satire written specifically for them (that's knowing your audience, kids!). An avid reader of the aforementioned Tendency, and of The Onion, I love me a tongue planted firmly in cheek.

      "UGH, just post your creative fiction samples here!

      Don't make me email you."

      -Probably You

      No, and you know why not? Because in the realm of literary publishing, a writer typically can't submit 'previously published work' for consideration. Even posting on your own website can count as 'previous publication', whether or not anyone ever reads it. Them's the breaks, kiddo. Drives me crazy, too.

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