• Other Work in Games

      Lore-expanding transmedia content, player engagement campaigns, games journalism, et cetera bits

      All Game Credits:

      • June's Journey, Narrative Director & Lead Writer, Wooga
      • DragonVale, Narrative Lead (Writing & Design), Backflip Studios
      • DragonVale World, Narrative Lead (Writing & Design), Backflip Studios
      • Monopoly Towns, Narrative Consultant, Backflip Studios (Hasbro)
      • Candyland Mobile, Narrative Consultant, Backflip Studios (Hasbro)
      • Lily's Garden, Narrative Designer/Writer, Tactile
      • Puzzle & Glory, Narrative Consultant, Demiurge (SEGA)
      • Sid Meier's Pirates! Mobile, QA, Oasys Mobile
      • Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon, QA, Oasys Mobile
      • UNO Mobile, QA, Oasys Mobile
      • ZOMBIES!, QA, Oasys Mobile 
    • Featured Sample: June's Journey Short Story

      Created as a five-part social media campaign of exclusive side content, this spooky short story generated some of our highest fan engagement on social media!

      Written by me, Amanda, hi, I'm the one typing this and who also typed that; posted to Medium by June's (awesome) Community Manager, Dario.

    • Featured Sample: Cheeze Wizards Campaign

      As a freelancer for Dapper Labs (Axiom Zen), I had the gouda fortune of working on the lore and marketing voice of Cheeze Wizards, the world's first Battle Royale (with cheeze) on the blockchain.

      Click to open the Medium article in a new tab
    • Selected Games Journalism:

      • "Pathogen Review." Hardcore Droid (March 2014): online.
      • "Crystal Story II: War of the Shattered Sky Review." Hardcore Droid (February 2014): online.
      • "Doodle Kingdom Review." Hardcore Droid (February 2014): online.
      • "Amoebattle Review." Hardcore Droid (January 2014): online.
      • "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword." Fun Online Games (Oct/Nov 2011): 20-23.
      • "Season's Gaming." Fun Online Games (Jan/Feb 2011): 92-93.
      • "Be the Star Host of a Gaming Sleepover Party." Fun Online Games (Oct/Nov 2010): 84-85.
      • "DS Differences: Decoding Designs." Fun Online Games (Aug/Sep 2010): 48-51.
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