The world's first pocket dragon park

  • Lore samples

    Antumbra Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    Gwyddion’s Field Notes on Dragons of the Rift:
    “Witnessed the hatching of an antumbra dragon. Appears to sport exoscales for protection from Rift debris. Squeezey-pincery face is of the adorable variety. Luminous hindquarters may serve as a nightlight in scary Rift regions. Pronounced pumpermelon penchant proven—pockets pilfered.”

    Metal Rift Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    Do you hear a killer rock’n’roll guitar riff when you look at this dragon? No? Just Gwyddion? He might be hexed—someone should check on him. Anyway, the metal rift dragon is a tenacious sort. Most dragons play well with others, but the metal rift dragon seems to prefer going solo. As the songwriter witch Jill White sings, “The metal has its way.”

    Snowsquall Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    Dragons in the Rift have developed strange and unusual features to deal with the Rift’s wonky wibbles and wobbles. Coping with this chaos magic seems to have led to the sprouting of tentacles on the snowsquall dragon’s face. Some folk might be inclined to say “Ew,” but that’s awfully rude. You might sprout tentacles, too, if you spent long enough in the Rift!

    Icebound Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    "Ah, ze hidden depths of ze icebound dragon," writes wizard documentarian Henre Zerwog in his famous scroll, Encounters on ze Ice. "Zere are many cold dragons, but none such as zis—a true behemoth of ze ice, like somezing from a long-ago era. Zee how ze coat of icescales on its back protects ze delicate liquidscales beneath—magnificent magic. We are truly fortunate to witness a dragon of such substance."

    Dandelion Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    From the scrolls of the poet Hy Koo:
    Fluffy wisps and wings
    Breeze-floating dandelion
    Dreaming of blushrooms

    Steam Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    From the Scrolls of Pi Roh’s Ponderings:
    There once was a dragon called steam
    Whose breath blast was something supreme
    With water and fire
    An ephemeral spire
    Like something straight out of a dream!

    Ironwrought Dragon

    © Backflip Studios

    What a pinnacle of strength! The wizard Fe Brinell first discovered the ironwrought dragon when he witnessed it pull a prodigious patch of pumpermelons out of the ground in one sweeping mouthful! And
    talk about a timely discovery — what better dragon to be found on the 6th anniversary of the opening of the Vale’s parks than one of such might? A park proprietor like yourself knows just how much care and effort goes into maintaining your fleet of floating islands and the dragons who call them home. The ironwrought dragon is a strong symbol of that mettle, wouldn’t you say? Really carries a weight!

    Rift Gate

    © Backflip Studios

    Well! This is not quite what the wizards expected would happen when they attempted to close the Rift. Your contributions during the Roar of the Rift helped to prevent a second Cataclysm, but there’s still
    some chaotic magic at work. Remember Roger from the Department of Magical Storage? Yeah... he, uh, might be stuck on the other side of the Rift right now. But don’t worry, we’ll get him out! As soon as we
    figure out how. In the meantime, assuming he hasn’t been magically spaghettified, he’s probably learning a lot about how the Rift works, so there’s that! Hang in there, Roger.

    Gargantuan Island

    © Backflip Studios

    Through the magic of angles and corners, the wizards have fashioned something extra special for your park! Introducing... THE GARGANTUAN ISLAND! One must shout its name to do justice to such a magnificent swath of space. So much room for activities!

    Burcadian Garden

    © Backflip Studios

    What do you know about Burcadian Carrots? No, really, we’re asking—we don’t fully understand the magic at work here. Somehow, when you plant a Burcadian Carrot, it grows into both Dragon Treats and Magic Eggs! It’s the strangest thing. Useful, but strange.

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