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Leveling up: 3D modeling and environment design in Blender

New tricks? For this old dog? Bark yeah.

· Blender 3D

Behold, the fruits of some 10 hours of YouTube tutorials:

Smooth glass cup... suspiciously too smooth... gonna need to throw another texture on that there glass.

This cafe doesn't believe in overhead lighting, but it does believe in soft focus to hide its imperfections.

Several thousand lightning and angle iterations later, I figured out how to make it rain.

Before I worked out how to make a convincing napkin, Sir Donut made a mockery of physics.

I had to add a napkin, because only a sociopath would sit in a dark cafe eating donuts directly on the countertop.

I quite liked the mood in this one, even if donutless.

3D model, or a 'Gram from that one friend who's always trying to be artsy-blurry in cafes?

The donut was my first ever 3D model... can't tell at all, right? Haha, please lie to me.

The scene behind the scenes. The window planes are, um, large, yes.

Cozy, eh? All that's missing is a good book. I think I'll model one... if only so that the next time someone asks "How's the novel coming?", I can answer with earned confidence.

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